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Date 11 October 2017

Time 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM


Green is good! - We all know that, but how can you lead your community towards a sustainable living choice so that your community can embrace the same? The answer is with know-how. Afterall, it is our responsibility to live in a beautiful world and pass it to the next generation. This is possible only if a balance between Ecology & Economics is maintained through Sustainable Living. The info packed intelligent session “Be a Green Leader” by Sustainable Living Pune Group provides solid knowledge and creates awareness on various concepts of sustainability and how an individual can live as well as work towards it. Initiated 5 years back as a single person's dream of growing his own toxin-free food, Sustainable Living Pune Group has shaped up as "A community of sharing, caring eco-preneurs for realizing abundance". Today, it serves as a platform to connect a variety of people, ranging from 1600+ citizens to organic farmers in villages to 40+ eco-prenuers and global intellects, all wanting to create a better world.

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